Why Families are choosing PaintballSOFT4Kids for their children under 10!

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday party - you’ve found it at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, California. Hollywood Sports is the #1 Paintball and Airsoft park in the world! It features fields made with props from real movies and is often visited by celebrities and athletes.


Paintball Soft4kids parties at Hollywood Sports Park are the perfect option for a party with younger children. The paintballs used for paintball soft4kids create a much lower impact as a normal paintball providing the experience of the game in a more family friendly fashion. In short, this game is enticing to all ages because of its low impact!


Parties can be tailored to any age over 7 at Hollywood Sports truly creating an experience the entire family will enjoy. Enjoying your birthday party at Hollywood Sports is truly a unique and memorable experience that your child will not stop talking about. 



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