Ad Victorium is a post apocalyptic themed airsoft event with the Brotherhood fighting against the Enclave forces for control of specific regional locations and resources. Check in will begin at 8:30 am and saftey brief at 10:30am. Gameplay will start at 11am and there will be 3 separate 60 minute continuous games on two different map layouts. In the last 10 minutes there are no more respawns and only medics can keep players in the fight. All tickets are purchased through the website. Look at upcoming events area at the Giant San Diego location.

There will be a limited number of Medics and Machinegun tickets for this event for each faction. Machine guns must be belt fed upper receiver or a specifically designed full auto platform like an RPK, they MUST use a box or drum mag and are the only guns allowed to use box/drum mags.

After the 3rd event round we will have a raffle and then finish the day with custom smaller scale game-modes until 5pm.

There will be a supplied in game currency system with additional supplied loot items and bounties on players who volunteer for it. Please text 619-212-3903 to have a bounty on you created and a bounty poster made.

Please text 619-212-3903 with any questions.



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