Operation Bank Run - Airsoft Scenario Event

Operation Bank Run is a high-stakes airsoft scenario game between two teams, the Mob and the HSPD.

The Mob team consists of a group of thugs and criminals intent on infiltrating a secure bank vault and stealing its contents. The HSPD team is tasked with defending the vault and keeping the mob from escaping with the loot.

The Mob team must infiltrate the secure bank vault, crack the safe, and escape without being apprehended by the HSPD. The HSPD team must protect the bank vault at all costs, using all available resources in order to prevent the Mob from succeeding.

There will be plenty of cover for both teams to work with. The Mob must use their skill and cunning to outsmart the HSPD team, while the HSPD must utilize all their resources to stop the Mob.

Will the Mob succeed in their daring heist? Or will the HSPD prove too much for them? Find out in Operation: Bank Run!

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Admission Fee: $45 Until March 24
$50 Day-of if available.
Self Equipped. Tracer unit & tracer BB's required.

Check in starts at 5PM. Objective-based Game Modes 7PM-12AM.


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