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EVENT @Giant SD 1800 Wildcat Canyon Rd, Lakeside, CA 92040 (REGISTRATION LINK)


  • - ANSI-rated Full-seal goggles & a hard lower face mask (covering nose, mouth and ears), or an ANSI-rated one piece full face mask.

  • - Personal hydration pack or water bottle. (CamelBak, bottled water, etc. Bring at least 2 gallons of water.


Players must sign in, pay admission, and fill out a waiver online through the Giant PB website before entering the field. For players under 18, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WAIVER SIGNED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN. 

    • Blind Man!: A real-life situation has occurred, The game is now paused. If you are the cause for blind man keep repeating it. Echo the call and then be quiet, put your gun on safe, don't move, and wait for refs to announce the game is ready to restart.
    • No shooting at wildlife by any means if caught you will have to explain yourself to tribal enforcement, if a snake is found, call “blind man” to notify staff.
    • Chrono limit is 1.5J (random Chrono checks could happen), Sniper Chrono limit is 520 fps with .20g bbs and a maximum Joule limit of 2.5J
    • There is NOT a Minimum engagement distance at our events, except for snipers who have a 50-foot MED and must carry a pistol for within 50-foot engagements.
    • Any replica that is not a dedicated LMG support weapon (such as an assault rifle, SMG, pistol, etc) must be SEMI-AUTO ONLY. No full auto pistols, 3-round burst, etc. BINARY TRIGGERS ARE BANNED AT OUR EVENTS.
    • Bolt action rifles over 1.6 Joules are required to carry a backup weapon and maintain a MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE, 50’.
  • Valid support weapons (Belt-fed or RPK/L86) with box or drum mag may shoot a full auto burst but must maintain a 20ft minimum engagement distance, 2-seconds on, 1-second off (Admin's discretion, NO M4s w/ BOX MAG)
  • Absolutely no pyro or smoke grenades of any kind, including bang 22’s.
    • CO2 sound and spring projectile hand grenades are allowed for this event. Duds do not count. 10ft radius, or inside a room of a building (when not behind hardcover) counts as an automatic kill. Any fragmentation hits from bb’s outside of 10ft also count as a kill.
    •  All Nerf/explosive/40mm launchers and shells must be cleared with admin at safety briefing before use on the field. Any item that is not cleared by admin which is used on the field will result in the player being pulled from the game by refs for a re-brief, and possible expulsion from the event with no refund.
    • Theft, assault, or any other violation of the law will result in your immediate arrest by local law enforcement and removal from our event.
    • We do not allow drugs or alcohol at our events. If prohibited items are seen at our events the offender will be removed from the premises.

    Players Honor Code:

    • Airsoft is a game of honor. Please call your own hits.
    • Mind your own hits. Do not yell at other players. Rule enforcement is the ref’s responsibility. If you believe someone is cheating bring it to a ref’s attention so they can go monitor the player in question.
    • No verbal or physical aggression or harassment of other players will be tolerated.
    • No touching other players without their consent.
    • Follow both the letter and intent of all scenario-based rules and restrictions.
    • Dead men tell no tales, so do not talk while dead!
    • Do not intentionally move into a faction's main spawn with the intention to stay.
    • Use the “Parlay” rule if you and another player come into contact at an unsafe distance at the same time.
    • No blind fire. You must be able to see with your own eyes what you are shooting at.
    • No overshooting. Give opponents a chance to call themselves out before continuing to fire at them.
    • Weapons should be made “safe”, must have a barrel cover on and magazines must be removed when in a staging area or other “safe zone.”
    • If you find a lost item, it should be turned in to Game Control as soon as possible so it may be returned to its owner at half-time or at the end of the game.
    • There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for becoming physical and shaking/pushing/assaulting someone on the field or in staging. We will immediately remove anyone who does this from the field and confiscate their wristband. They may even be banned from the park.

    Event Specific Rule-set:

      • DEAD MEN:  Don’t forget, dead/wounded men don’t reveal information. You may yell in pain, say “medic”, or “no medic”. If you reveal the locations of enemy players, objectives, or any other information this will be considered cheating.
      • BLEED OUT (All Players):  Players will have a 1-minute MANDATORY bleed-out time. This means once you are shot, you are to remain in place counting down from 60 seconds. You must remain dead in the same place for the entire bleed-out time (unless a friendly player “drags” you to safety, or an enemy player captures you). If you are not healed within 1 minute, you are dead and need to go back to a general respawn point. Once you have bled out you can not be revived on the walk back to the respawn point
      • FRIENDLY FIRE:  Friendly fire does count, if a team member shoots you, you must begin your bleed-out phase.
      • MEDIC RULES:  One medic revive will be allowed per hard respawn life. The dedicated medic player taps the wounded player 20 times on the shoulder. A player can only be healed once per respawn. If they are killed after being healed, they must head back to an established respawn point that is not currently under attack. Only designated medics can revive players.
  • BANG BANG: Is NOT used in our events.
    • SURRENDER:  Surrenders are considered a courtesy. You need to make sure you have control of the situation before exercising a “surrender”. If you approach an enemy player FROM BEHIND and have the element of surprise, point your weapon at them and yell “Surrender!”. If you have them dead to rights they may choose whether to call themselves out and become a prisoner or try to kill you. If they attempt to turn or fight back, you have the right to shoot them to confirm your kill (Don’t overshoot please).
    • PARLAY:  If two players encounter each other at a distance of 10 feet or less, they may call "parlay" and both back off to a safe distance. This is optional and both players must agree and abide by the parlay. “Parlay” should be used to ensure the safety of you and your opponent, not as an offensive or defensive tactical maneuver.
    • RESPAWNS:  Respawn locations will be restricted to the starting spawns.
    • CAPTURING TERRITORY:  Once players from the enemy team are within a certain distance of your team spawns, you must respawn at other points. Referees will be watching to call this out. 
    • CAPTURING PROPS:  Players are only allowed to carry one prop at a time (Ex. Ammo Can).
    • CAPTURING ENEMY PLAYERS:  Players are only allowed to take one prisoner at a time.

    Event Outline:

      • 45-minute rounds of gameplay. After each 45-minute gameplay round, there will be a 15-minute break and then the player factions will swap spawns and go out on the field again. 
  • The player faction is attempting to eliminate or secure MED-Life personnel and retrieve important company documents/intel on other MED-Life facilities.
      • The player faction is also tasked with retrieving virus samples and proof of MED-Life’s atrocities.
  • Extra Ammo can be distributed by returning ammo cans, salvaged from the field, to the player spawn points.
  •  There are NO forward respawns but there will be a medic system. Medics will have armbands to identify themselves. A player can only be revived by a medic one time and then must walk to a respawn point.
  • VIPs can be identified by a captain’s armband.
      • If a player is killed by a zombie and then tapped by the zombie they then become a zombie for a short period until another player kills them. If they choose they can remain a zombie for a longer period and can follow standard zombie respawn rules.
  • Zombies must respawn out of sight of players and at least 70 feet from players. This means zombies can respawn nearly anywhere on the map!
  • Mission 1: Outpost Raid Players are trying to infiltrate the MED-Life outpost and eliminate or capture all of the scientists. They also must retrieve virus samples and project plans. Bonus points are awarded for finding intel on other MED-Life facilities. If the players are too slow scientists will begin to be exfilled from the playable area. 
  • Mission 2: Executive Extraction Players will spawn on either side of the castle which contains MED-Life security and scientists that the players must eliminate to find a company Executive that they will need to access a secure facility in the final mission.
  • Mission 3: MED-Life Downfall Players will need to fight through many Security posts and zombies to reach the company’s most secure facility. This stronghold houses classified documents that show the company’s willful creation and exploitation of the zombie virus in an attempt to make a profit.
  • Time Schedule:




    The gate opens @08:30 AM; Staging in designated faction areas

    09:00 AM

    10:30 AM

    Check In and Chrono

    10:30 AM

    11:00 AM

    Safety Brief

    11:15 AM

    12:00 PM

    Mission 1: Outpost Raid

    12:05 PM

    12:20 PM

    Rearm, Hydrate, Relax

    12:25 PM

    1:10 PM

    Mission 2: Executive Extraction

    1:15 PM

    02:00 PM

    Prize Raffle and Lunch

    02:05 PM

    02:50 PM

    Mission 3: MED-Life Downfall

    02:55 PM

    03:10 PM

    Rearm, Hydrate, Relax

    03:15 PM

    04:00 PM

    Small Scale Games

    04:00 PM

    04:30 PM

    Feedback from Players

    The gate closes @05:00 PM; you must leave the park by then

    Zombies_Map1_11-2023_v1.1 (1).jpeg__PID:feea7a96-9068-40fa-8093-a8a80b41b679

    Zombies_Map2_11-2023_v1.1 (1).jpeg__PID:ea7a9690-6820-4ac0-93a8-a80b41b6791b

    Zombies_Map3_11-2023_v1.1 (1).jpeg__PID:7a969068-20fa-4093-a8a8-0b41b6791ba0



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